elf princess rane: a goofy delight

13 Aug


the last few days have given me enough time to sift through the latest additions to my anime archives. one of them happens to be an oldie title that cost me considerable time and resources to secure.

as advertised, Elf Princess Rane turned out to be rollicking romp. it’s a type of anime feature that requires repeated viewings from a serious anime fan to appreciate the true dimensions of its chaotic, demented plotline and its zany, self-absorbed characters.

despite its short length (2 OVA episodes), it’s well stocked with standard anime parodies — watch out for its adventure-crazy, reality-challenged protagonist (Takarada Go), his innumerable sisters, and this guy with the huge, wavy hair rane1.jpg(he’s a riot!) — and verbal puns that will make your head spin. Beware, though, you need to be a really fast reader (or a sharp listener if you opt for the english version) in order to keep up with what everyone is is saying. most of the characters here talk funny, some are just plainly weird.

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