kiniro no corda — a delightful anime symphony

8 Oct


i bought Kiniro no Corda on a spur of the moment. and while i’d been unfortunate on some of my anime purchases lately (i’ve been disappointed more than once despite the advice of a colleague who’s been trying to gauge my preferences in vain), i’m happy to note that this is one of my lucky “finds.”


basically i’m surprised at how much i actually came to like this series — kind of like the way Princess Tutu grew on me. the use of popular classical pieces seemed like a dicey proposition, considering that we’re talking about an anime show for young teenagers here. basically though, the whole thing worked for me.

i guess it’s because, for some reason, i always had this soft spot for classical music — well, some of it anyway. the artwork is crisp and a visual delight. some characters are perky, but one can’t help that a little more “liveliness” in other cast members could have lifted this series into something more memorable. there is a thin line between boring and blandness, and i wish the writer had done something to make the characters more interesting. the lead character, Hino Kahoko, is interesting enough but, compared to some colorful female anime leads, she is almost as bland as the scenery.


the musical score is of course is one of its strongest elements. the plot could use some improvement, too, but overall Kiniro no Corda lands well on the plus side.

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