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who goes to ouran high?

26 Nov

apparently a lot of goofy, rich good-looking teenage guys with loads of free time on their hands…


a high school host club seems too iffy a premise, but since this is anime i’m willing to swallow just about anything. and what riotous fun!

haruhi (the lone female lead) would seem depressingly normal in a ‘normal’ setting, but when viewed in the context of being surrounded by the hilarious tamaki, financial whiz kyouya, the uber-cute hunny, the reticient mori, the mischievous troublemakers kaoru and hikaru — not to mention her cross-dressing (but not gay) father — she is blessedly sane.


forget logical. or sensible. just revel in your rollicking mirth as these guys (and 1 girl posing as a guy) go through their lives and wreak havoc along the way. the added bonus of watching their respective seiyuus talk (go see hunny‘s cute seiyuu) about the series will make things even more worthwhile. and who would’ve thought that the guy who provides Light Yagami‘s voice in Death Note could sound this silly and light-hearted.

just watch it.