my favorite anime characters

21 Dec

it’s been years since i’ve started watching animes, and all this time a few characters have managed to worm their way into my list of favorites. i don’t have any particular criteria, except for the simple fact that these gals and guys have etched themselves permanently into my sleep-deprived psyche for one reason or another.

sometimes i feel particularly attached to certain characters because of the magnetic pull of their pixelized personalities, and sometimes by their offbeat humor and the stubborn courage with which they hang onto their beliefs despite the overwhelming odds. occasionally, i’m intrigued by their wacky viewpoint or their onscreen chemistry (romantic or otherwise) with another character.

this list is by no means arranged in any particular order. i’ll just rattle out these names as they occur to me. if you agree/don’t agree (or have any suggestion) with my list, feel free to point it out.

vash the stampede (Trigun) — the first time i ever saw this goofy gunslinger i didn’t know whether to laugh or smirk in admiration. like him or despise him, vash just leaps off the screen with his wacky humor, unflinching conviction and flashy moves. adding considerably to his growing legend are his trademark red trench coat and his formidable arsenal. uhm, did i mention that this guy is a confirmed nut for donuts? it’s a good thing that he wields a charismatic on-screen presence, or else he would be upstaged by…

nicholas wolfwood (also of Trigun) — the gun-toting, hard-drinking and skirt-chasing preacher with a conscience. his screen persona is interesting and strong enough to merit a series of its own, but even when playing support (and what a great support it is) to vash, he simply cannot be ignored. i don’t think i’ve ever seen a TV death scene so cleverly and effectively staged (as his). i hadn’t read the manga when i watched the series so when wolfwood finally bought the farm, it was like being blindsided by a freight train.

lina.jpg   saitoh.jpg

lina inverse (Slayers) — hey, where would anime be without megumi hayashibara? this role fits her to a T, and she was the right age for it. despite the many drawbacks of the series, i still fell for it due mostly to lina inverse. she’s not one of your cutesy, altruistic, helpless female lead — no sir, if anything she’s practically the antithesis of a classic heroine who runs around on a saving-the-world routine. but she’s cute, smart, powerful, temperamental, a glutton for food and treasures, and isn’t above bashing anyone who gets on her bad side (just ask her dimwit of a sidekick, gourry gabriev). occasionally, she even saves the world from an impending catastrophe while on a hunt for other things (usually more treasures and powerful objects).

saitoh hajime (Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin) — i was initially repelled by this guy’s grab-you-by-the-balls approach to stamping out crime but as the series wore on, i just couldn’t help but admire his guts for doing something that he firmly believed in. hey, even himura kenshin gave the guy his due, remember? all i know is that if there’s any trouble going on, i’d rather have saitoh on my side. by the way, this character is also based on a real-life figure.

sohma.jpg   kenji.jpg

ayame sohma (Fruits Basket) —  i can’t help it. each time somebody mentions this guy’s name, my face breaks into this loopy grin. i mean, who wouldn’t? at any rate, those who have seen Fruits Basket will surely know what i mean. his bizarre personality and stratospheric, untouchable ego — instead of turning you off — just make you want to chuckle. ayame is the comic relief that perfectly rounds off Fruits Basket (Shigure Sohma is often hilarious, too, but his personality becomes increasingly dark as the series [manga] moves to its conclusion).

kenji harima (School Rumble) — even the chaotic, rough-and-tumble backdrop of the series isn’t enough to dim this guy’s light. he alternately makes you want to laugh, sympathize and maybe bash his head for his willingness/inability to do certain things. still he is the glue that holds the sprawling, rollicking series together — kenji harima‘s distinctive mug alone would be enough to tip you off. if only tenma tsukamoto (the oblivious object of his fervent affection) has only shown a single look or word to acknowledge/reciprocate his manic efforts, i would have lumped them together as a couple here, but tenma-chan’s legendary denseness is definitely a tough wall to climb. poor guy. *snigger*


sosuke sagara & kaname chidori (Full Metal Panic) — a superlative couple (see this link for a further discussion on this). for me, it no longer matters which part of the world or whatever situation they’re in. wherever this couple is, there go i. (erm i hope i didn’t mangle that too much *beam*). i like tessa testarossa, too, but kaname is the person sosuke needs most to be whole. she grounds sosuke and brings him out of his shell, and when they are together… onscreen magic ensues.

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