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more anime updates

25 Mar

whew, it’s been a while since my last post (i’m posting twice today to make up for it). actually, there have been times that i’ve been tempted to insert some fillers but i always ended up deleting my drafts they sounded either forced, nonsensical, or rambling.

between my erratic work schedule and my still-even-more-unpredictable freelance activities, i’d been able to watch a few anime features every now and then. although most of them won’t even crack my top 50 favorites, a few had been entertaining enough to keep me holding on until the last episode.


at the moment i’m steadfastly plowing through Saitoh High School Haunted Junction (which, for some reason, reminds me of The Magic Users Club) and Seto no Hanayome. of the two, i’m more inclined to finish Seto no Hanayome first because a series that mixes up mermaids, overanxious and highly excitable parents, gangsters, hapless kids, and brain-addled sidekicks into one rollicking mishap after another always gets my attention.



bowing to a friend’s recommendation, i finally watched Romeo x Juliet, which is basically an extended retelling of that classic shakespearean fare. this time, the story is set on a much grander scale, with fantastical elements (winged horses, floating continent, giant trees, etc.) thrown in for good measure. the timeline roughly reflects the Medieval period (buildings, mode of dressing, system of government) but with a lot improvements tucked here and there.

Romeo x Juliet remains a story between the Capulets and the Montagues, along with a few characters whose roles have either been expanded, shortened, excised, or changed completely.


in this 24-episode version, many characters are fleshed out and provided with sufficient backstory to make them more interesting. even shakespeare gets his due (he appears as willy, a playwright who is secretly sympathetic to the Capulets) and a few characters share the names of several important personages from the Bard’s plays (Cordelia, Ophelia, etc.).

i found the music a bit too cloying (i guess i should have expected that), but the flowing artwork more than makes up for it. there are also a few twists here and there that work well to keep Romeo x Juliet from being predictable.

bottomline, it’s a worthwhile series to watch.

a few updates

25 Mar

in the last month i was able to finish several oldie features: Saiyuki Reload, Blue Seed, and Jubei-chan: The Ninja Girl. Sadly though, i couldn’t find the will nor the inclination to finish a few titles that i’ve started (Outlaw Star, Rune Soldiers, Gokudo, Chobits, King of Bandits Jing) because i either found them too predictable, uninteresting, or strangely flat.


Saiyuki Reload is a great follow-up to Gensomaden Saiyuki, particularly the early episodes which are refreshingly light and funny. the contrast between the short-tempered and sarcastic Genjo Sanzo and his 3 more easygoing companions (the reliable and well-grounded Cho Hakkai, the skirt-chasing Sha Gojyo, and the pesky Son Goku) makes for a rich source of hilarity. The story continues in Saiyuki Gunlock, which i will dwell more on later.


Blue Seed, one of Megumi Hayashibara‘s early projects, is your typical magical girl series that is occasionally peppered with humor and overwrought angst (for its female protagonist). after a few episodes the routine begins to pall but i managed to get through until the end. side note: i liked the closing song (sung by ms. hayashibara herself).


i found Jubei-chan: The Ninja Girl (another oldie) funny and engaging, with its array of fascinating support characters. the fight scenes are refreshingly tight and crisp: the combatants waste little time in posturing and lengthy speeches, and let their swords do the talking (which is even more eloquent, in my opinion).