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the hunks & babes of final fantasy

7 May


for sheer looks and celluloid magnetism, who could resist these gorgeous babes and hunks? i know they’re excellent fighters and all, but to me it hardly mattered at all. as soon as i saw them, i knew was gonna love the premise regardless of how strange or outlandish it would be.


hey, this is the final fantasy universe remember? those guys over at square enix and their affiliates couldn’t have just churned out and recycled those many multimedia versions of this very popular and highly profitable franchise if they had no serviceable backstories to fall back on.


and me being a dyed-in-the-wool fan of fantasy/sci-fi books and movies and all, it wasn’t much of a stretch.


suddenly it wasn’t just about the games anymore. i realized that i had began to care more about what happened to cloud strife, aeris gainsborough, tifa lockheart, et al. 


rinoa 1

then FF VIII came barging in, with much improved graphics to boot. i had my gutstrings torn to shreds by the struggle that squall leonhart and rinoa heartilly and their little band of fighters went through (who naturally managed to look great while doing it, too).


same with tidus and yuna in FF X. i felt somewhat robbed when the ending didn’t even bring the kind of closure i craved. the producers sort of rectified this with FF X-2, but there were so many changes that sometimes it feels like you’ve wandered into a different story.


and then there was advent children. i think that graphics-wise it’s the best animated film i’ve seen so far. it was nice to see cloud strife again, although i still grieve about aeris‘s fate. tifa looked great and vincent valentine was cool (this guy wears his inner torment like an impenetrable cloak). as usual, i hated it when the ending credits began to roll. i wanted the story to go on and on until i was ready to move on…


oh well, at least i have their images indelibly printed in my caffeine-addled brain.