currently watching: kamichu and hatenkuo yugi

12 Jun


to continue…

i’m now in ep. 7 of kamichu, and i think the series is shaping up well. first off, i like the way the writers developed the story and its characters (yurie, a klutzy but well-meaning teenage goddess to boot, and her high school friends). the sheer imagery and scope of its flowing rural scenes are a great plus. i almost feel like i’ve stepped into an extension of Miyazaki‘s Spirited Away — they exude the same aura. i have a feeling that in time this series is going to enter my list of favorites.

yuri - kamichu

kamichu scene

incidentally, Kamichu was awarded the Excellence prize in the 2005 Japan Media Arts Festival, which should give you an idea what to expect.

new dazzle

i also managed to peek at the first episode of hatenkou yugi (Dazzle), and i like what i’ve seen so far. for one thing, the major characters just seem to leap off the screen: rahzel, a spunky and adventurous magic user; alzeid, a grouchy loner bent on revenge, and baroqueheat, a skirt-chasing adventurer. hatenkou yugi is a series that combines elements of adventure, comedy, drama, supernatural, etc.

hatenko yugi

coming up next: the film Paprika.

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