new additions

12 Jun

last weekend i was able to add 3 more titles to my growing collection: Night Wizard, Kamichu, and Hatenkuo Yugi. i didn’t have much time to sift through the newer titles, but i think i’ve lucked out this time.

night wizards

i was able to finish Night Wizard last night. all in all, i’d give it a fair rating i think. it’s rather a run-of-the-mill high school comedy/fantasy/magical girl mixture that would have normally bored me silly if not for the good quality of its graphics and occasional flashes of humor. it’s rather short (13 eps), which worked well in its favor because i would have gladly given up on it had the series been longer.


the main heroine (elis shiho) is rather bland and generic, but the support characters (mostly magic users like elis) are well-drawn and have distinctive traits that make them stand out a bit more: the hapless but loyal renji hiragi, the livewire kureha akabane, the laconic and formidable fighter akari himuro, and the youthful-looking (and brimming with wicked sense of humor, esp. where renji is concerned).

the plot isn’t all that challenging to understand. still series should appeal to younger anime fans, particularly girls, although there are several mildly violent scenes in it.

coming up: kamichu and hatenkuo yugi (aka Dazzle).

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