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revisiting Full Metal Alchemist

4 Jun


despite my recent resolve to catch up on my sleep, which i can never seem to get enough of these days — thanks to my insane schedule, i still couldn’t resist the chance to go through my triweekly anime fix.

these past few weeks i went through several new titles and and even watched school rumble again (1st season). i had recommended SR to a friend, and for some reason my own enthusiastic pep talk for the series prompted me to check it out again. i also revisited Full Metal Alchemist, which never fails to draw me in.


Full Metal Alchemist features a powerful mix of comedy, drama, action and fantasy that cuts across age, gender and racial barriers. and for all its deceptively kid-friendly appeal, the series is actually geared towards a more sophisticated and mature audience for its unblinking forays into painfully complex and morally ambiguous issues. and with a passel of unforgettable and appealing characters (the elric brothers, roy mustang, winry rockbell, maes hughes — to name a few), it’s really no wonder why the series continues to draw rabid fans into its wake.

of course, the main selling point of Full Metal Alchemist remains the strong filial bond between Edward and Alphonse Elric. it’s the kind of bond that constricts the throat and blurs your sight long after the last painful/hilarious scene has faded from your memory. and of course there is that hugely likeable scoundrel, col. roy mustang, and his efficient girl friday, lt. hawkeye; and let’s not forget their colorful posse, particulary the hilarious lt. col. hughes and the muscle-bound maj. armstrong. and a lot more, heaven knows there’s a lot more…

FMA cast

someday, when i have more time at my disposal, i have no doubt that i would be going through this series again if only to check out for myself why this series affected me the way it did.