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a few updates

25 Mar

in the last month i was able to finish several oldie features: Saiyuki Reload, Blue Seed, and Jubei-chan: The Ninja Girl. Sadly though, i couldn’t find the will nor the inclination to finish a few titles that i’ve started (Outlaw Star, Rune Soldiers, Gokudo, Chobits, King of Bandits Jing) because i either found them too predictable, uninteresting, or strangely flat.


Saiyuki Reload is a great follow-up to Gensomaden Saiyuki, particularly the early episodes which are refreshingly light and funny. the contrast between the short-tempered and sarcastic Genjo Sanzo and his 3 more easygoing companions (the reliable and well-grounded Cho Hakkai, the skirt-chasing Sha Gojyo, and the pesky Son Goku) makes for a rich source of hilarity. The story continues in Saiyuki Gunlock, which i will dwell more on later.


Blue Seed, one of Megumi Hayashibara‘s early projects, is your typical magical girl series that is occasionally peppered with humor and overwrought angst (for its female protagonist). after a few episodes the routine begins to pall but i managed to get through until the end. side note: i liked the closing song (sung by ms. hayashibara herself).


i found Jubei-chan: The Ninja Girl (another oldie) funny and engaging, with its array of fascinating support characters. the fight scenes are refreshingly tight and crisp: the combatants waste little time in posturing and lengthy speeches, and let their swords do the talking (which is even more eloquent, in my opinion).

my favorite anime characters

21 Dec

it’s been years since i’ve started watching animes, and all this time a few characters have managed to worm their way into my list of favorites. i don’t have any particular criteria, except for the simple fact that these gals and guys have etched themselves permanently into my sleep-deprived psyche for one reason or another.

sometimes i feel particularly attached to certain characters because of the magnetic pull of their pixelized personalities, and sometimes by their offbeat humor and the stubborn courage with which they hang onto their beliefs despite the overwhelming odds. occasionally, i’m intrigued by their wacky viewpoint or their onscreen chemistry (romantic or otherwise) with another character.

this list is by no means arranged in any particular order. i’ll just rattle out these names as they occur to me. if you agree/don’t agree (or have any suggestion) with my list, feel free to point it out.

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who goes to ouran high?

26 Nov

apparently a lot of goofy, rich good-looking teenage guys with loads of free time on their hands…


a high school host club seems too iffy a premise, but since this is anime i’m willing to swallow just about anything. and what riotous fun!

haruhi (the lone female lead) would seem depressingly normal in a ‘normal’ setting, but when viewed in the context of being surrounded by the hilarious tamaki, financial whiz kyouya, the uber-cute hunny, the reticient mori, the mischievous troublemakers kaoru and hikaru — not to mention her cross-dressing (but not gay) father — she is blessedly sane.


forget logical. or sensible. just revel in your rollicking mirth as these guys (and 1 girl posing as a guy) go through their lives and wreak havoc along the way. the added bonus of watching their respective seiyuus talk (go see hunny‘s cute seiyuu) about the series will make things even more worthwhile. and who would’ve thought that the guy who provides Light Yagami‘s voice in Death Note could sound this silly and light-hearted.

just watch it.